Oh lord.. where should start.. well, When I got the phone call from a friend that you died..I wanted to cry.. but i didn't. When I keep getting phne calles from other friends.. i wanted to cry.. but i didn't. When i was talking about it with my mom and family members that were at my house.. i wanted to cry.. but i didn't. When i got at the bus stop to go to school i knew i was going to miss yooh.. i wanted to cry.. but i didn't. When i got to school and i saw all our friends and their sad faces.. i wanted to cry but i didn't. When Mrs. A came in Ms.Dooley class and started talking about how you were gone and we shouldn't have to go through this and that you were so young.. i wanted to cry.. and i did.. When i was sitting down talking to these nice ladys about how close we were how you always had a smile on you face..i wanted to cry..and i did.. When they should me the picture of you in the obituary.. i cryed every time i saw your face because i knew just how much i was going to miss you.. When i went to your services and saw how you were there in the coofen.. gone.. i cryed.. and when i saw all your pictures from when you was just a little baby.. i cryed..and then when i saw how your mom and borther and grandmother and grandfather were cryin so hard and breaking down crying.. i cryed so hard because no one will every miss you as much as you mom miss you.. and then when they were closing your casket and bring you to your new home.. i cryed cause i really knew how much i was going to miss you.. and then when i went back to school on wednesday and you wasn't there i felt tears come into my eyes. I may have not told you how much i loved you since the day we met, but i have so much love and care for you in my heart, and when i realized that you was gone fa real you took apart of me with you that i may neva get back.. i will always love you and keep you and your family in my prayers.. i pray for ya'll every night.. i hope you are watching over me. I will always remeber the good and the bad days that we had..i will always remeber the first day we met.. me you and markelle had a great big bond that day.. i still have the lil writing s that yooh and kelle wrote in my agenda.. i will always keep that.. and you will always own january..lol.. but the biggest thing i will always remeber is that presious smile that you always had on that beautiful face.. You are one of my best friends ever.. ♥ always CHELSEA PICARD